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 Charles Eggen

Charles Eggen | website

Those looking for this on DVD can order a copy from Aro Video in Wellington. Since these copies are "on demand", be patient as it may take a bit longer than usual to receive.




...aaand a lovely place to end that excerpt :P. I loved this doco back in the day, it's kind of still relvant now. That lonely road and stark haunting landscape prevalant like a supporting character in NZ movies

 Ted Whitaker

Ted Whitaker

Hi Mary,
I agree an updated version would be very interesting.
I think Aotearoa Film has changed a lot and has split into multiple streams.
What the Cinema of Unease did was try and define New Zealand through film, a definition I think many New Zealanders yearn for, something for a new pot-luck culture to grab onto and something that represents them. Whether LOTR/ the new Peter Jackson represents New Zealand or New Zealanders is a highly topical idea, something that personally I do not feel entirely represented by.
Links to illusion by cinema and tourism are loaded concepts.

This for example... Really??

 Mary Ann  Christoff

Mary Ann Christoff | website

Hello To All,
Cinema of Unease was one of the first video's I purchased... Back in 1995 I purchased it from New Zealand... How exciting, I was going to visit New Zealand and get insight from my favorite actor Sam Neill... The package arrived along with a New Zealand post mark... Ripping the package open I popped it into my VCR...
What a beautiful country, it's mountains, lakes, so tranquil...
Fast foreward to 2008, my question is to Sam Neill, and others who have seen CoU?
Wouldn't bringing CoU up to date be a fantastic video or DVD? I'm sure so much progress has been made, along with the New Zealand Film Industry; Lord of the Rings come to mind; also many block buster films have filmed portions of their production in New Zealand...

Anyone feel an upgrade to CoU would be a great treat? How about it Sam?

Mary Ann


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