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  1. Part one of two from this full length documentary.

  2. Part two of two from this full length documentary.


This NFU film, from pioneering woman director Kathleen O’Brien, looks at NZ Correspondence School education. Lessons are issued from the school’s Wellington base to far-flung outposts where children (and adults) learn — farm-kids and sick children, prisoners and immigrants, from Nuie to Northland. Letters, radio and an annual ‘residential college’ at Massey connect students and teachers. The wide-roaming film’s making, according to a newspaper account, left O’Brien stranded at a lighthouse [Cape Brett], “for four days without a toothbrush and wearing only the clothes she stood up in”.

Credits (4)

 Kathleen O'Brien
 Derek Wright
 Paul Ricketts

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Gae Verney

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The lessons have travelled many hundreds of miles so that small fry on a lighthouse can learn the three ‘R’s. 
In the lonely homestead scattered along New Zealand’s rugged coastline, as in the remote England farms and high country sheep stations, children are being educated. This is their story: the story of the correspondence school pupils whose playgrounds are the rocky coastline, the native bush, the snow-clad mountain country; whose classroom is in the family living room or kitchen. 
My nearest girlfriend lives 20 miles away — I have met her once. We used to have a pet deer, but he got too wild and bunted us with his antlers ... so we had to shoot him for dog tucker.