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The final episode of director Geoff Steven's USA road trip provides a number of different takes on the American experience. A mother working as croupier in Reno, Nevada, puts a more modern and respectable face on the state’s previously disreputable gambling industry. An 82 year old professional banjo player in Virginia City recalls his days as a cowboy, while a TV reporter still rides the range on his days off. An upmarket health spa is flourishing in Tucson, Arizona; and, in Florida, Miami has been reshaped by a massive influx of refugees from Cuba.

Credits (9)

 Geoff Steven
 David Coulson
 Julienne Stretton

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The state of Nevada is famous for gold, gambling, divorce and prostitution. It’s traditional. It’s always put a lot of the wild into the wild, wild west 
I can remember seeing Roy Rogers and Gene Autry riding across the silver screen and saving those young ladies from distress and I said, “Brother, that’s the life for me.”