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  1. The fifth of seven full length episodes from this series.


In this episode of Chris Stapp and Matt Heath's bawdy, bogan, BSA baiting TV variety series spoof (apparently the "greatest TV show on earth"), the ape set on fire in the first episode (when Randy Campbell's stunt went "horribly wrong") has escaped and is after vengeance; and the police have no sympathy for presenter Danny Parker, and stuntman Campbell and his crew, after the way the show has portrayed them. Meanwhile, against all odds, Spanners Watson's rocket car "The Spirit of Russell Crowe" might actually work but the ape and the police are closing in.

Credits (11)

 Chris Stapp
 Matt Heath
 Piers Graham

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Yes, Chris Stapp and Matt Health are as mad as cut snakes but have created something unique. Their show is so stupid, so disgusting and so puerile that it's good. I love it for the all same reasons I loved The Young Ones when it first showed its ugly head back in 1984. 
This is guerrilla film-making at its best and we do not drag our knuckles.