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In the Nature of Things saw Christchurch teacher Ron Walton deliver science lessons to children. Along with The Night Sky’s Peter Read, Walton made made science pop. The pair were two of NZ’s best known broadcasting personalities of the era, fondly remembered by a generation of Kiwi kids, as well as overseas viewers (Things was a rare NZBC title that sold to the US and other territories). From a (gentler) time well before the pyrotechnics of MythBusters, here Walton — armed with just a pointer, chart and elemental props — puts vitamins under the microscope.

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 Ron Walton

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 Cushla McKinney

Cushla McKinney

Oh my goodness, that's my Grandfather! I have one video of another of his programmes (one on weather) but I didn't know there were any more extant episodes. How wonderful!

 Eric Wolff

Eric Wolff

I member this programme from the sixties. It is great, and Ron Walton explains things so well. There is stuff here that I did not know. A shame 'modern' television in this country doesn't produce this sort of educational TV any more.

 Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter

He was my Science Teacher in the early seventies. A brilliant personality, intense but with humor . I enjoyed every minute of the time he gave us. He made learning fun..

 Christine Mc

Christine Mc

Quite humorus, yet dry and really informative. It would be very hard to see kids of this era auctally sitting down long enough to watch all the way through it. I enjoyed it, and learnt something!

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 NZ Broadcasting Corporation


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So, as the Bible says: man cannot live by bread alone, nor can he stay healthy on a diet of pies and fish’n’chips either. Goodnight.