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Nanna Maria, the matriarch of a Fijian family living in Auckland feels that the heart has gone out of her clan. Nanna demands that her grown grandchildren put on a traditional feast at which she will name her successor. The grandchildren — Soul, Charlene, Hibiscus, Erasmus, and Tyson — reluctantly turn up. But tiffs send the day into chaos and Nanna calls the whole thing off. The lovo-warmed love letter to his Mt Roskill hometown was the debut feature for director Toa Fraser. It screened at many festivals and won the World Cinema audience award at Sundance 2006.


A Perspective by Richard King 22.11.2008

Not many feature films start off as theatre monologues — especially when they have large ensemble casts like this one. No. 2 (known as Naming Number Two in North America, to avoid any scatological connotations) is one ...

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this is an amazing film except for the violence i love this film



I watched the film lastnight on the Maori channel and I really love it well done Toa Fraser and all you're co-workers and excellent film...It would be nice if there was another film to be done in Mount roskill...It's my hood lol..Well done!!!!!



"What kind of Asian name is that?" LOL

 Tokoa Van Dongen

Tokoa Van Dongen

i really enjoyed the film although i couldnt hear a thing that has been said on screen.. im only commenting because my senior drama class is doing the play no.2 and i represent the old lady Nanna Maria and Tyson.. hopefully our play goes well..

Tokoa Van Dongen
Cook Islands

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Click on the 'buy' tab below right of the player to purchase the dvd from Screenline

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  • Colonial Encounters
  • Southern Light Films


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... assured handling and an appealing cast make this a deserving crowd-pleaser. 
We got the guitar out and had a party and Toa said, 'Everybody sing some songs'. That's not strange to us. European, Māori, Fijian, Samoan, whatever — there's so much crossover between our cultures; it's applicable to all of us. 
Fraser knows Roskill like Spike Lee knows Brooklyn. 


2006 Sundance Film Festival
Audience Award (World Cinema, Dramatic)

2006 Brisbane Film Festival
Audience Award

2006 Atlanta Film Festival
Best Actress: Ruby Dee

2006 Air New Zealand Screen Awards
Best Original Music: Don McGlashan
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Ruby Dee
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Rene Naufahu
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Mia Blake

Nominated for Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Supporting Actor (Xavier Horan), Supporint Actress (Miriama McDowell), Cinematography, Editing (Chris Plummer) and Sound (Tim Prebble, Mike Hedges and David Madigan)

Festivals include:
2007 Portland, 2007 Pan African Film Festival, 2006 Sundance (World Cinema), 2006 Berlin (Panorama), 2006 London, 2006 Brisbane, 2006 Atlanta