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It was the food safety advice heard around the world. The late night footage of a policeman interrogating a suspected car thief on TVNZ's long running crime series seemed routine until conversation shifted to the purchase of a pie at a local service station. The officer's deadpanned response came straight out of left field — and went viral (interestingly, only after a repeat screening of the show was posted online). The 'nek minnit' of its day provided global news odd spot fodder, and inspired t-shirts, dubstep tracks and countless YouTube parodies.

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 Stan Chun

Stan Chun

That cop's comment is most memorable..!!



Full props for using the NZ Police motto at the end: 'safer communities together'. I'll always remember it now!



This was so funny, the end is the best!



The cop suddenly becomes deadly serious about cooling that pie... serious business

 G B


That Officer has bought a few 'thermonuclear' pies himself by the sounds of it...


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As a policeman if we can make people laugh then great because in reality what we do isn't funny. I was speaking to a chap we had been looking for, I was making up conversation, using a bit of humour. Unfortunately, he didn't get it. 
At three o'clock in the morning that pie has been in the warming drawer for probably about 12 hours, it'll be thermo-nuclear. You must always blow on the pie