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Russell Rooster and Suzy Cato bid viewers “doodle-doo” in this TV3 children’s show which combines local skits, interviews and competitions with overseas cartoons. In this August 1991 compilation, “Bugman” Ruud Kleinpaste talks about cockroaches (with serious specimens) and Billy T James is remembered with an excerpt from an appearance on the show. In-house artist Mark shows viewers how to draw 'monstas' and there are time-honoured jokes from Kiri Kea and various ducklings. Mercifully, Suzy protects Russell from the fact she is giving away fried chicken vouchers.

Credits (4)

 Rex Simpson
 David Hartnell
 Ruud Kleinpaste

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 Simon Henderson

Simon Henderson

Delightful to be reminded of EBS. I worked on it and loved every minute. Im proud to say I'm still making Kids TV now although for UK not NZ. Simon.

 Patrick TePou

Patrick TePou | website

The Early Bird Show (EBS) was a hugely popular children's show on TV3. It originally intended as a weekday morning programme (7.00-9.00am) before shifting to Saturdays and Sundays from 7.00am. There was a mixture of competitions, birthday calls, phone-ins and cartoons, along with Russell Rooster, Kiri Kea, Suzy Cato and friends.

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 TV3 Turns 25


With wall to wall competitions, swaps and music video requests, the phone runs hot all morning. And, although it’s all too loud, there are too many dreadful jokes, and it’s all a bit silly to this jaundiced eye, I must admit that it did quack me up at times.