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Though first established at Wigram in 1923, it wasn't until 1937 that the Royal New Zealand Air Force became an independent military command. This NFU documentary marks the 21st anniversary celebrations in 1958. It looks back at the RNZAF's early days and its battle-hardened contribution in World War II, then follows cadets working towards their ‘wings’ — Top Gun training Kiwi-style. The RNZAF's jets are also seen in action in Malaya; and its search and rescue role is covered. At a celebration dinner, an officer muses that one day planes may be pilotless.

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 Bob Lapresle
 John Hutchinson
 Paul Ricketts

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 Alan Bec

Alan Bec

Excuse me, old timers. Was that Mervyn Glue giving the Wigram address?


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 Anzac Day Collection


The story of the Air Force between 1939 and 1945 is a story of progress under pressure of events. 
It was in the Pacific that the RNZAF operated as a unit. With its headquarters in the New Hebrides the Air Force was able to help in harrying The Japanese out of their island strongholds. 
During the making of this film a pilot’s life was saved by a chute packed by this girl. One of the most important tasks assigned to women members of the Air Force is care and maintenance of safety equipment.