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  1. Part one of three from this full length episode.

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  3. Part three of three from this full length episode.


In this episode of The Gravy Warren Maxwell employs the services of Wellington architect Gerald Melling. En route the Liverpudlian recalls his path down under, via underground publishing and scandal in 60s Toronto to designing punchy, idiosyncratic Kiwi buildings. These include the Signal Box house (Home New Zealand 2008 House of the Year) which lets the brake off the metaphorical possibilities of its Masterton location. Gabe McDonnell then looks at Richard Meros' obsession with Helen Clark, and its 'adaptation' for theatre by young lover/playwright Arthur Meek.

Credits (10)

 Mark Albiston
 Jess Feast
 Tom Kelly

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This is about an older woman taking a younger man, and ... exciting possibility. 
He was very critical of a book I wrote on Auckland University. He likened it to a book he’d received as a prize — a second prize — at a catholic Sunday school. ... This fellow Melling has been highly critical of architects in this country. 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful! 
The fuzz as we then called them [the local Mounties] raided our premises and confiscated all the magazines and we were charged with obscenity. We immediately went back to the printer and republished it, and in place of every allegedly offensive word we overprinted the word 'fuzz', calling it the ‘fuzzpigated issue’ ... and that sold like hot cakes and made us a lot of money ... 
When I first became interested in architecture it struck me that there was an unnecessary gap between what was heralded as 'architecture' and the type of buildings I live my life in.