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Hero image for Kevin Milne: Fair Go hero...

Kevin Milne: Fair Go hero...

ScreenTalk Interviews – 2010

Kevin Milne is one of New Zealand’s most popular TV presenters after more than 20 years on Fair Go. In that time he won settlements worth millions of dollars. Before Fair Go, Milne was a reporter for Eyewitness News and the TVNZ lifestyle shows Production Line and Then Again. He has also been a presenter on the travel show Holiday and Fair Go spin-off Kev Can Do. Milne left Fair Go at the end of 2010.

In this ScreenTalk interview, Milne talks about:

  • How saying no to a TV job in Invercargill led to a better job in TV news
  • The excitement of working with veteran newsreaders Dougal Stevenson, Philip Sherry, and Bill Toft
  • Working on the late night news show Eyewitness News
  • Having to be on his best behaviour interviewing former PM Rob Muldoon
  • Thinking that the consumer show Production Line was amateurish
  • Getting a reporting job on Fair Go without having to audition
  • Working for a year with his mentor Brian Edwards
  • Presenting the show live in front of a drunk audience
  • Getting millions of dollars in settlements for people
  • The ethos behind Fair Go spin-off Kev Can Do
  • Deciding it was time to leave Fair Go before he got too stuck in his ways
  • His hopes and fears for the future of the series

This video was first uploaded on 12 October 2010, and is available under this Creative Commons licence. This licence is limited to use of ScreenTalk interview footage only and does not apply to any video content and photographs from films, television, music videos, web series and commercials used in the interview.

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside