New Zealand-born Erroll Shand majored in acting at the University of Southern Queensland, and returned home in the early 2000s after some roles in Australian television. Since then he has carved out a memorable gallery of bad guys — from the dodgy boyfriend in witness protection tale Safe House, to terrifying gangleader ‘Chocka’ Fahey in Harry, to drug kingpin Terry Clark in Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud.

The three principals are being played with real verve by Dan Musgrove (Johnstone), Thijs Morris (Maher) and Erroll Shand (Clark). Indeed Shand brings a real menace to his role that was missing from the Clark in A Tale of Two Cities. Greg Dixon, reviewing Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud, NZ Herald, 18 August 2011

Dear Murderer

2017, As: Jim Larsen - Television

The rehearsal thumb.jpg.540x405

The Rehearsal

2016, As: George Saladin (tennis coach) - Film

Director Alison Maclean (Kitchen Sink, Jesus' Son) returned to New Zealand for this adaptation of Eleanor Catton's acclaimed debut novel. The psychological drama stars James Rolleston (The Dead Lands) as one of a group of acting students who use a real-life sex scandal involving a tennis coach, as creative fuel for their end of year show. The cast mixes experienced names (Kerry Fox and Miranda Harcourt as drama teachers) with emerging talents (Ella Edward). Connan Mockasin supplies the soundtrack. The Rehearsal debuted at the 2016 NZ International Film Festival.


Filthy Rich

2016 - 2017, Actor - Television

Deathgasm key.jpg.540x405


2015, As: Byron - Film

Designed to provide viewers with a “perfect storm” of gore, guitars, girls and comedy, Deathgasm is the tale of a two young heavy metallers who accidentally summon up a demon. Blazing a bloody trail at festivals across the US, the film was born from the Make My Movie Project. Four hundred pitches for a low budget Kiwi horror movie led ultimately to one winner, a tale inspired by the metal and movie-mad youth of digital effects man turned director Jason Lei Howden. After debuting at US festival SXSW, Deathgasm won enthusiastic reviews and festival slots in Sydney and NZ.


The Z-Nail Gang

2014, As: Dave - Film

Greenies meet The Castle in this 2014 film from first-time feature director Anton Steel. The Z-Nail Gang tells the story of locals joining to fight plans to dig an opencast goldmine in nearby bush — using nails in car tyres, Santa suits and a rap song, instead of monkey wrenches. The making of this down-home take on eco-activism was also a grass-roots effort, with the film made by harnessing community support in the Bay of Plenty town of Te Puke. At the 2014 NZ Film Awards it was nominated for Best Self-Funded Film, and Best Supporting Actress (Vanessa Rare).


Passion in Paradise

2014, As: David - Television


Finding Honk

2013, Actor - Film


Sunny Skies

2013, As: Gunna Gibson - Television

Harry series thumb.jpg.540x405


2013, As: Chocka Fahey - Television

This TV3 drama series follows the travails of a cop (Oscar Kightley) as he pursues justice on the mean streets of Auckland. Solo parent to a teenage daughter (following his wife’s suicide), Detective Sergeant Harry Anglesea is thrown into a murder investigation and an underworld of P and gang violence. Harry, not a stickler for the rules, marked a rare dramatic turn for Oscar Kightley. Sam Neill plays his policing buddy. NZ Herald reviewer Paul Casserly called it a “great, gritty crime show”. Harry was notable for using unsubtitled Samoan in primetime.

Harry   episode one thumb.jpg.540x405

Harry - This is Personal (First Episode)

2013, As: Chocka Fahey - Television

This first episode of this 2013 crime drama begins with a meth-fuelled bank heist gone very wrong. Harry is a Samoan-Kiwi detective (played by Oscar Kightley, a million miles away from Morningside) pursuing justice in South Auckland. Sam Neill, in his first role on a Kiwi TV series, plays Harry’s detective buddy. Off the case, Harry struggles with his teen daughter in the wake of his wife’s suicide. The Chris Dudman-directed series screened for a season on TV3. Broadcaster John Campbell tweeted: “Not remotely suitable for kids. But nor are many excellent things.”


Chinese Bigfoot: Legend of the Yeren

2012, As: Duke Darwin - Film


Safe House

2012, As: Tony Michaels - Television



2011, As: Brian - Short Film


Underbelly NZ - Land of the Long Green Cloud

2011, As: Terry Clark - Television


The Almighty Johnsons

2012, As: Danny - Television

Created by Outrageous Fortune’s James Griffin and Rachel Lang, this South Pacific Pictures-produced TV3 dramedy is about a family of Norse gods who wash up in 21st Century New Zealand. Emmett Skilton stars as Axl aka Odin, who must restore his brothers' lapsed superpowers and find his wife Frigg ("no pressure, then"). But he is thwarted by Norse goddesses and Māori deities. The combo of fantastical plot and droll Kiwi bloke banter won loyal fans, who successfully campaigned for a third (and final) season. Johnsons screened on the SyFy channel in the US in 2014.



2010, As: Mechanic - Short Film


This is Not My Life

2010, As: Matt - Television

The cult series thumbnail.jpg.540x405

The Cult

2009, As: David - Television


Time Trackers

2008, As: Isaac Newton - Television


The Water Horse

2007, As: Lieutenant Wormsley - Film


Outrageous Fortune

2005, As: Hugh - Television

After her husband is jailed, matriarch Cheryl West (Robyn Malcolm) decides the time has come to set her family on the straight and narrow. But can the Wests change old habits? So begins the six-series long saga of the Westie dynasty. Hugely popular at home (beloved by public, critics and awards-nights alike), and imitated overseas, Outrageous Fortune has been a flag-bearer for TV3 and contemporary NZ telly drama; the series proved — in all its grow-your-own glory — that genre TV in NZ could be so much more than overseas stories pasted to a local setting.



2005, As: Various Characters - Television


The Insiders Guide to Happiness

2004, As: Noel - Television

The Insiders Guide to Happiness follows the interconnecting lives of eight 20-something characters — one of them dead — as they search for happiness. Dramatic, comic, sexy, surreal, the drama won critical acclaim and was a ratings success. An ambitious chaos theory-derived 'meta' concept is underpinned by strong performances from the ensemble of burgeoning acting talent, and stylishly-shot Wellington city locations. The Gibson Group production won seven awards at the 2005 NZ Screen Awards, including Best Drama and Best Director (Mark Beesley)


Head Start

2001, As: Eddie


Home and Away

2000, As: Ross Knight