Reporter Tova O’Brien did time in the parliamentary press gallery before joining MediaWorks in 2007, where she filed reports across the company’s television news shows (3 News, Nightline). She moved to London in 2016 to be the European correspondent for Newshub (Mediaworks' rebranded news division). O’Brien covered UK elections, Brexit, the Grenfell Tower disaster. She made the news herself after being issued with a caution in London in 2015 for filming outside Chris Cairns' perjury trial. In May 2018 she returned to Wellington to become Newshub's Political Editor.

Tova is an exceptional news talent, filing on every major story in Europe over the past two years. I'm looking forward to her bringing that insight and presence back to Wellington for Newshub. Newshub chief news officer Hal Crawford, on O’Brien’s appointment as Newshub Political Editor, 15 February 2018

The AM Show

2017 - ongoing, Reporter - Television

Newshub - Live at 6pm

2016 - ongoing, Political Editor, Reporter - Television

Native Affairs

2014, Panellist - Television

Māori Television’s flagship news show began in 2007, with a kaupapa of tackling current affairs from a Te Ao Māori perspective. Coverage of Waitangi Day, elections, plus investigations (eg into the Urewera Raids, Kiwi troops in Afghanistan, and management of the Kōhanga Reo National Trust) saw Native Affairs win acclaim, plus Best Current Affairs Show at the 2011 Aotearoa Film and TV Awards. Reporters have included Julian Wilcox, Mihingarangi Forbes, Renee Kahukura-Iosefa and Maramena Roderick. In 2015 the one-hour running time was reduced to 30 minutes.


2007 - 2013, Reporter - Television

TV3's late night news show was devised in 1990 to provide a mix of credible news and entertainment. Once the serious news of the day was dispensed with, the brief was that the show could be a bit "off" with few rules - and the freedom to push boundaries. That's exactly what presenters like Belinda Todd, Bill Ralston, Dylan Taite and David Farrier proceeded to do in the show's often infamous "third break". Meanwhile, newsreaders including Joanna Paul, Janet Wilson, Leanne Malcolm and Carolyn Robinson did their best to keep a straight face. "Yo Nightliners!"

3 News / Newshub

2007 - 2016, Reporter - Television

Independent channel TV3 launched its prime time bulletin on 27 November 1989. The flagship 6pm bulletin — originally called 3 National News — was anchored by ex state TV legend Philip Sherry, with Greg Clark handling sports. Sherry was replaced by Joanna Paul, then another ex TVNZ anchor, John Hawkesby. A 1998 revamp saw Carol Hirschfeld and John Campbell take on dual anchor roles. Their move to Campbell Live in 2005 opened the doors for a decade-long run by Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts. In 2016 Mediaworks rebranded its news service — and the slot — as Newshub.