Tony Williams


Tony Williams' contribution to the development of NZ film and television has been huge: his camerawork for John O'Shea's 60s feature-films, the nine ground-breaking documentaries he directed for Pacific Films, and his feature Solo, which helped launch the 70s new wave. After moving to Australia in 1980, Williams continued to wield a lively influence on our culture by directing many legendary commercials.

Television commercials don’t give the satisfaction of personal vision in an auteur movie sense - but there’s more satisfaction in creating cultural icons that the whole country talks about and loves, than a movie that flops and no-one sees. Tony Williams in a 2004 Onfilm interview


Tony Williams: Director of our most iconic TV commercials...

Interview, 2010

50 Years of New Zealand Television: 1 - From One Channel to One Hundred

2010, Subject - Television

50 Years of New Zealand Television: 6 - A Sense of Identity

2010, Subject - Television

Bugger - Toyota Hilux

1999, Director - Commercial

Before the Operations Begin

1999, Director, Writer, Narrator - Television

Breaking Barriers

1993, Subject - Television

Spot - Telecom

1991 - 1998, Director - Commercial

Cowboys of Culture

1990, Subject - Television

Next of Kin

1982, Director, Writer - Film

Dear John - BASF

1981, Producer, Director - Commercial


1977, Director, Editor, Producer - Film

Great Crunchie Train Robbery - Cadbury Crunchie

1975, Director - Commercial

Lost in the Garden of the World

1975, Director, Editor - Television

The Hum

1974, Director - Short Film

Rollin' thru New Zealand with Kenny Rogers and The First Edition

1974, Director, Editor, Camera - Television

Rally, Like Little Boys in a Man-sized Sport

1973, Director, Camera - Television

Survey - Take Three Passions

1972, Director, Camera - Television

Survey - Deciding

1972, Director - Television

Survey - The Unbelievable Glory of the Human Voice

1972, Director, Writer - Television

Survey - The Day We Landed on The Most Perfect Planet In the Universe

1971, Director, Editor - Television

Survey - Getting Together

1971, Director, Editor - Television


1970 - 1972, Editor, Director - Television

Sound the Trumpets Beat the Drums

1969, Editor, Camera, Co-Director - Television

Takis Unlimited

1969, Camera, Editor - Television

Giants of the Past

1967, Camera - Short Film

Don't Let it Get You

1966, Editor - Music - Film

Keep Them Waiting

1963, Director - Short Film

The Sound of Seeing

1963, Director, Editor, Camera - Television