In My Father's Den

Film, 2004 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)

When his father dies, Paul (Matthew Macfayden), a world-weary war journalist, returns to his Central Otago hometown. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with a teenage girl (Emily Barclay). Their relationship is frowned upon and when she disappears, the community holds him responsible. The events that follow force Paul to confront a tragic incident he fled as a youth, and face dark secrets. Critically-acclaimed, In My Father's Den marked the debut of a formidable fledgling talent: it was the only feature from writer-director Brad McGann, who died of cancer in 2007.


Everything that Flies

Teenage dreams of a career in tennis were forgotten by Dianne Swann after she was mesmerised by Patti Smith on Radio with Pictures. In the mid 1980s Swann fronted group Everything that Flies, with guitarists Clive and Bruce Sheridan, drummer Wayne Bell and keyboardist Peter Harrison. An EP (1985's Bleeding Hearts) resulted in NZ Music Awards for Most Promising Vocalist and Group. The following year, the clip for synth-pop single 'As The Sun Goes Down' won Video of the Year. The band split soon after and Swann joined the line-up of 80s Kiwi female supergroup When The Cat’s Away. These days she is half of The Bads.

Chris Plummer


Christopher Plummer went from playing punk music to cutting film, first at TVNZ editing documentaries, and then on a slate of award-winning films. They include the shorts Sure to Rise (Niki Caro), and Possum (Brad McGann); and feature films Channelling BabyIn My Father's Den, Black Sheep, No.2, Vincent Ward doco Rain of the Children, and Taika Waititi's breakout hit Boy.