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Betty Banned Sweets

Short Film (Full Length) – 2008


Benjamin (Matt Scheurich) lives at home with his Mum. But the 23-year-old dreams of escaping the nest for some overseas experience. Pondering the question ‘should I stay or should I go?’, he retreats to his studio to create intricate shoebox dioramas of his destinations. Meanwhile Mum plans an (unwanted) birthday party for him. Director Michelle Savill made the film as part of a film studies course at Wintec in Hamilton. The quirky take on the yearning to leave — and the fear of being left behind — was selected for 20 film festivals, including Rotterdam and prestigious French fest Clermont-Ferrand.

What continues to inspire me as a filmmaker is a story that won’t leave me alone. I get many ideas but most of them fade away and are forgotten. Every now and then an idea will stick and slowly develop and if it’s still in my head after a few months I’ll know it’s the right thing to make.
– Michelle Savill on filmmaking, in a 28 July 2012 interview for website Admit One

Key Cast & Crew

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Matt Scheurich

As: Benjamin

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Chris Tan


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Michelle Savill

Producer, Writer, Director

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Sandra Jensen

As: Sister

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Lee Hutson

As: Betty

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Gradon Diprose


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Produced by

Paint-by-Numbers Collective