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Hero image for The Life and Times of Te Tutu - 4 (Series One, Episode Four)

The Life and Times of Te Tutu - 4 (Series One, Episode Four)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2000

Religion is the subject of this fourth episode of the series satirising colonial relations between Māori and Pākehā. Chief Te Tutu (Pio Terei) is disturbed by the bells ringing from the new church being built by settler Henry Vole, and goes to investigate. He finds a tohunga dressed like a tui. Te Tutu’s interpretation of the scripture leads to complications. Meanwhile Mrs Vole (Emma Lange) continues to do all the work while the Pākehā blokes chinwag. John Leigh (Sparky in Outrageous Fortune) guest stars as an Anglican minister under pressure from Vole to spice up his sermons. 

Bloody Pākehās: it’s not even sunny.
– Te Tutu (Pio Terei) wonders why Sunday is called Sunday

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for John Leigh

John Leigh

As: Anglican Pastor

Generic Profile image for Ray Lillis

Ray Lillis

Writer, Producer, Creator

Profile image for Pio Terei

Pio Terei

As: Te Tutu, Music - Vocals

Generic Profile image for Matt Bowkett

Matt Bowkett


Generic Profile image for Andrew Kovacevich

Andrew Kovacevich

As: Angry orchardist

Generic Profile image for Paul Norell

Paul Norell

As: Barry Zucchini

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Produced by

Pipi Productions


Vocals by Pio Terei, Hinewehi Mohi and Aroha Shortland