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Hero image for The Life and Times of Te Tutu - 7 (Series One, Episode Seven)

The Life and Times of Te Tutu - 7 (Series One, Episode Seven)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2000

The final episode of the first season of this colonial comedy tackles the Treaty, as settler Henry Vole argues that his land (purchased off a bloke he met at a bar in Tauranga) is fairly his. The pros and cons of a treaty are debated: “where all Māori may benefit from the administration that gave us the 18 hour working day for children”. Te Tutu counters with a Martin Luther King dream: “where the English are not marginalised in Aotearoa simply because they are a minority … where the English language won’t be lost because we’ll have Pākehā language nests …” 

OK, I'll add a bit: no Australians!
– Te Tutu amends the treaty

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Matt Bowkett

Matt Bowkett


Generic Profile image for Ray Lillis

Ray Lillis

Producer, Writer, Creator

Profile image for Pio Terei

Pio Terei

As: Te Tutu, Music - Vocals

Generic Profile image for Darryl Naden

Darryl Naden


Profile image for Alison Bruce

Alison Bruce

As: Clerk

Generic Profile image for Melwayne Edwards

Melwayne Edwards

As: Chief Poto

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Produced by

Pipi Productions


Vocals by Pio Terei, Hinewehi Mohi and Aroha Shortland