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Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 10, Diorama (Episode 10)

Web (Full Length Episode) – 2014

In this tenth episode of Nia’s Extra Ordinary Life, things turn from good to bad in the town of Tinopai. Nia has finished her entry for the local art competition, a beautiful painted diorama of Tinopai, and takes it to show her friend Hazel. Thoughts of fame after winning the art competition inspire references to X-Factor and Lorde. Before Nia can get to Hazel’s however, an incident involving Isabella at the petrol station literally turns things upside down. A second series of Nia’s Extra Ordinary Life was made in 2015.

On the way to Hazel's I started thinking: what would it be like to win first place in the art competition? Would it be like winning X-Factor?
– Nia (Shania Gilmour)

Key Cast & Crew

Courtney Crichton

As: Isabella

Kiel McNaughton

Writer, Director

Kerry Warkia

Producer, Writer

Angus Glasgow

As: Josh

Vavaki McNaughton

As: Charlotte

Tahlee Glasgow

As: Ariana

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