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Pukemanu - Pukemanu Welcomes You Television (Full Length Episode) – 1971 Drama

Pukemanu - Pukemanu Welcomes You

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1971 Drama

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This was the television screen debut of Harry Lavington, who was to go on and star in Close to Home as Ken Paget. Interestingly enough prior to getting into acting he was a policeman in his native Cardiff, before coming to New Zealand in 1955, where he joined up with the NZ police for several years. Therefore he must have felt right at home when acting the part of the local cop in Pukemanu.

Carey Clements

Carey Clements 9 Jul 2015 - 05.20pm

i was one of the 4 real bikies hired by murray ... 3 of us were founder members of satans slaves wgtn 1970 ....

Brian Messiter

Brian Messiter 31 Mar 2014 - 06.19pm

This was great to see this again, I remember as a kid and was interested in the trucks also at the time. Pat was great as always.

John harper

John harper 6 Feb 2014 - 08.57pm

It's my pleasure to be able to put a name to a face in this first ep of Pukemanu. Scoring a highly-prized chance to appear as an extra, friend, amateur actor, part-time auctioneer and full-time Post Office radio inspector (RI), Hamiltonian Bernie Marsh appears as the wary garage mechanic serving petrol to the somewhat intimidating bikie-gang. Himself a radio 'ham', Bernie was a popular and jovial character in real life, always passing highly amusing comments and anecdotes to all who knew him. Bernie passed away from lung trouble in the early 1990's. - Gary Potts ZL1BFD

Gary Potts

Gary Potts 24 Aug 2012 - 10.49am

nz is still beaut like this close and natural
love nz keep it coming

samuel welsh

samuel welsh 22 Jul 2012 - 04.39am

top show love it mind you 2 questions why not much to eat?
and wheres the cops there?
close comunity which is great

samuel welsh

samuel welsh 22 Jul 2012 - 04.36am

Great show. I remember this as a kid, although back then I was more interested in the trucks than the dialogue. More please.

Randolph Covich

Randolph Covich 14 Jul 2012 - 01.23pm

@Jw: Douglas Drury is listed in the credits as EP (click on the credits tab above right of the player). I've also sent his name through to our profiles team to add to the list.

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 18 Oct 2011 - 09.18am

Interesting to note no mention of EP Douglas Drury....didn't he win a Feltex Award for his input?

Jw blackman

Jw blackman 18 Oct 2011 - 07.08am

Who did the splendid theme music?

Morrissey Breen

Morrissey Breen 28 May 2011 - 10.02pm

awesome I hav'nt seen this in years why don't they bring it back to tv it is a real kiwi programme set in a real kiwi enviornment, might learn a thing or 2 aye....


Tarn 20 Sep 2010 - 08.19am

Fantastic. Great to see this treasured part of our history and would be better to see more.

Alan Litchfield

Alan Litchfield 2 Jul 2010 - 03.50pm

Go on show us the rest .... it's a shame to leave it on the shelves ... and besides we should be able to see these people acting who are no longer with us and or reruns on TV .....

Annie Frear

Annie Frear 1 Jun 2010 - 06.02pm

Excellent to see this online. I have always wanted to see this again, as I was part of the children extras and have fond memories of time spent on this show.

More episodes please!


Phil Breden

Phil Breden 1 Jun 2010 - 03.19pm


Darren Schroeder

Darren Schroeder 27 May 2010 - 10.26am

Wow! Great to finally see this.
Thanks NZon Screen
The camera work and dialogue are impressive
Wish there was more drama like this on TV today
More please


GeoffT 26 May 2010 - 04.21pm

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