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Hero image for Rock the Boat: The Story of Radio Hauraki 1965-1970

Rock the Boat: The Story of Radio Hauraki 1965-1970

Television (Full Length) – 1996

You’re listening to Radio Hauraki, Top of the Dial, and we’re broadcasting a test transmission on 1480.
– The actual first transmission of Radio Hauraki on 1 December 1966
Hauraki’s story brought vividly to life ...
– NZ Listener review
The thing that motivated me to get into pirate radio more than anything else was the distaste I had for horse racing ...
– David Gapes, Radio Hauraki director
It wasn't only the music that was rocking and rolling. It was the boat as well!
– DJ Bob Leahy recalls the challenges of broadcasting from sea
This is Radio Hauraki: home of the young New Zealanders! Radio riding on the crest of a wave ...
– A promo for Radio Hauraki
I can recall the station that I was on, in the early to mid-60s ... there were times we weren't even allowed to play the Beatles! The Beatles were No. 1 around the world!
– Ian Magan recalls the orthodoxy that Radio Hauraki had to battle