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Terry and the Gunrunners - 1, First Episode Television (Full Length Episode) – 1985 Children

Terry and the Gunrunners - 1, First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1985 Children

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Hi, I'm Adrian's sister. I dug out the old VHS given to him by the production company just last year and took it to this place to have it put onto DVD for my nephew's bday (he's 7 and the family still lives in Devo - thats why it was filmed there - Adrian's son is half japanese, thinks it is him in pics. they fked up the dvd copying big timeme from the vhs. just but off half way thru an episode. was so dumb!!!
if you want a copy, im
(nee rosalie bell)


Rosie 24 Mar 2014 - 11.37pm

This stuff is KIWI ICON GOLD..I am just remembering how simple life was back then...the toughtest part of your day was managing to burn home after school, get all your home work half done and rip into a k bar with a bag of jaffas for back up while watching TERRY TEO after school!!!CANT BEAT THE 80's


dAN 22 Jul 2013 - 09.43pm

the foley is amazing


Rob 22 Jul 2013 - 05.26pm

Asked my girlfriend if she had ever seen it and too my amazement (born in 84) she said no lol... We are massive Rasta mouse fans and after watching Terry Teo it make me think they watched it too.. Reggae music Rasta everything and Skate boarding... Thank you from every sk8boarder in NZ from that time you gave us a better identity and incredible inspiration . You rule cast and crew,you rule.

Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell 13 Jan 2013 - 05.00pm

I am a 31 year old female who can honestly say that Terry and the Gunrunners is my absolute all time favourite TV series EVER!! I don't own a tv now because it's all rubbish these days. I have a "video" of this from back in the 80's, I took it to work a few years back and played it to everyone in the boardroom at lunch time. They loved it almost as much as I do. Terry Teo for life!


Alicia 7 Nov 2012 - 08.21pm

This is why I started skateboarding


Gareth 3 Sep 2012 - 12.29pm

Did the dad drop the N-bomb @13:01?


sico 16 Jul 2012 - 02.36pm

what happen to th actor adrian bell who played terry teo in terry and the gunruners.

ross leonard sayer

ross leonard sayer 31 May 2012 - 08.40pm

Unfortunately, it is not available on DVD :-(

1 Feb 2012 - 01.47pm

when can we get this on DVD?


Das 1 Feb 2012 - 01.45pm

I wonder if the makers of Scott Pilgrim vs The World saw this first?

Aaron Lucas

Aaron Lucas 29 Dec 2011 - 12.17am

Wow doesn't this bring back memories! I was only 4 years old. Perhaps I remember a repeat of it (if it was a couple years later)


Shaun 7 Dec 2011 - 11.08pm

Hi Ed. According the Matt Elliott's Billy T biography the theme song ('Terry Teo. Terry Teo') was sung by Billy T. The music for the show is credited to Don McGlashan (The Front Lawn, The Muttonbirds).

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 11 Aug 2011 - 04.43pm

Who sings the title song? His voice sounds familiar but he doesn't seem to be credited.


Ed 7 Aug 2011 - 05.21pm

Hi Neil - the whole Gunrunners series is on NZ On Screen - go the to 'series' tab above the video player, and click through to all six episodes. Enjoy!

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 5 Aug 2011 - 08.06pm

More, more! i now need to see episode 3! (Please)


Neil 5 Aug 2011 - 07.29pm

Thanks NZOS

Great Comic stuff.
I remember reading the book and then being incredibly excited about the series when it came out.
The cast list reads like a whos who of NZ actors from the Eighties.
More episodes please

Geoffrey Tompsett

Geoffrey Tompsett 28 Apr 2011 - 06.27am

This suffers from the common affliction of the '80s kidult series - children talking like 40-year-olds. Though this is actually pretty good compared to some of kidult veteran Ken Catran's work.

Robyn Gallagher

Robyn Gallagher 27 Apr 2011 - 07.22pm

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