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The Cul de Sac - First Episode excerpt Television (Excerpts) – 2016 Drama Sci-fi Adventure Young Adults

The Cul de Sac - First Episode excerpt

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The Cul de Sac presents an apocalyptic world where the adults have disappeared. In the opening of the first episode, Rose (Greta Gregory) realises something is wrong while leaving home. Meanwhile at the local high school, dictator in the making Doni (Simon Mead) refuses to let anyone inside. Also in this excerpt: Rose's sister (Molly Leishman) is in danger of having a medical emergency, Jack (Riverdale's KJ Apa) proves he isn't completely useless, and a dog goes rabid. Created by Stephen J Campbell (Amazing Extraordinary Friends), the sci-fi adventure spanned three seasons.

I was almost glad there were no children left at home to watch it with. It was genuinely unnerving ... This kids’ stuff looks a lot better than much of what’s being offered as adult entertainment these days. Maybe there’s a metaphor in that, too.
– Diana Wichtel reviews the first episode in The Listener, 4 May 2016