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Hero image for The Governor - The Lame Seagull (Episode Five)

The Governor - The Lame Seagull (Episode Five)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1977

Mike's  Mum
Mike's Mum
21 May 2014 - 11.03pm
Mike Philips first job, he had a bit part in a boat?/ I made lots of cake and scones he would pick them up from me to take up the Akatarawas, I was looking for the clip of him in the boat dressed as a sailor I think, Mikes been gone 30 years and it feels like yesterday. We all miss him.
Love his all friends at cine tape and the band and the Governors Ball, all those great memories.
Would love a copy of the film.
Paul Ward
24 Jan 2012 - 07.30pm
@Jack: the episode was named after the nickname that Māori allegedly gave to Duncan Cameron due to his slow tactics in the 1865 Taranaki campaign. It's discussed here in his Dictionary of New Zealand Biography entry by historian James Belich who has a more praiseworthy take on Cameron's tactical abilities:
11 Apr 2011 - 09.46pm
why lame seagull?
Geoffrey Tompsett
Geoffrey Tompsett
19 Feb 2011 - 02.29am
The Governer is seminal.
Time for another historic epic on TV
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