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Ao-Terror-Oa - Episodes Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2017 Horror

Ao-Terror-Oa - Episodes

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2017 Horror

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Web series Ao-Terror-Oa offers six short slices of Kiwi horror. Unleashed on both YouTube and a specially created website, the tales involve a possessed camper van, out of this world rugby abilities, virtual reality tourism, a fight for survival on vacation, and the memorable final two episodes — which feature an unusual farmer (Filthy Rich's Taylor Hall) and the worst kind of sun burn. Among the emerging screen talent are actors Brittany Clark (Australia's Doctor, Doctor), Tian Tan (Sui Generis) and Natasha Daniel. The stories are viewable in the order they were released each week.

Key Cast & Crew

Peter Haynes

Director, Writer, Editor - Burn Time, Co-Director, Writer, Editor - Road Trip, Director, Writer, Editor, Producer - Tourist Trap, Second Unit Director, Art Director - The Ranger

Nick Burridge

Series Executive Producer, Director, Writer - Haka Atua & Milk, Director, Producer - The Ranger, Cinematographer - Burn Time

Hweiling Ow

Series Producer, Co-Director, Producer - Road Trip, Producer - Burn Time & The Ranger

...We've just received word of some major solar activity, possibly a major solar flare. Civil defence are advising everyone to stay indoors for the next half hour at least...
– The radio announcer (John Hawkesby) in final tale, Burn Time