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Wild South - Sanctuary

Television (Full Length) – 1990

I often do the walkaway for Geoff. It fools the birds into believing that they're alone, and it's safe to return to the nest. It wouldn't be unusual for Geoff to spend 10 hours or more in the hide, observing and photographing.
– John Kendrick
Ever since I was a child I was interested in nature. Birds perhaps came first. Photography followed as a means of recording what I’ve seen. When I first came to New Zealand about 30 years ago, I found that many of our common birds had not been adequately studied.
– Geoff Moon
I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in the foliage of the forest since the possums have been exterminated. It’s really amazing to see the regeneration ... plants sprouting up all over the place. And of course this is going to have a tremendous beneficial effect on the whole ecology, and particularly birds.
– Geoff Moon
We've reached a stage in our country where our expertise is now sought by overseas conservationists. I think as New Zealanders we can feel quite proud of the fact that our conservationists have gone so far.
– John Kendrick
We've come to realise that the world isn't ours to dispose of as we see fit, and that other species aren't ours to dispose of as we see fit. We must take the responsibility for ensuring the survival of the species that we ourselves have jeopardised through our modification of the planet.
– Kākā scientist Ron Moorhouse
If we lose these species, we lose them for New Zealand. We also lose them for the world.
– Ron Moorhouse