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More Legendary NZ TV Moments

By NZ On Screen team
11th March 2013

 More Legendary NZ TV Moments

More Legendary NZ TV Moments

 NZ On Screen team

By NZ On Screen team


“Don’t beat a dead horse to death ...”

This collection celebrates more of the legendary TV moments that Kiwis gawked at, chortled with, and choked on our tea over. In the collection primer Paul (Eating Media Lunch) Casserly chews on rapper Redhead Kingpin’s equine advice to 3:45 LIVE! and mo’ memorable moments: from a NSFW Angela D'Audney to screen folk heroes Colin McKenzie and the Ingham twins.


Nearly a dozen more magic moments on the box

 Forgotten Silver

On 29 October 1995 the TV screening of this epic film — chronicling the extraordinary unbelievable life of pioneer Kiwi filmmaker Colin McKenzie — memorably stirred up Kiwi audiences. Enjoy the credulity-baiting of the opening 10 minutes, where Peter Jackson leads the viewer down a garden path.

 Holmes - Christmas Party: Ingham Twins Interview

'Our people' at Holmes’ 1997 Christmas party included tearaway teenage twins Sarah and Joanne Ingham, who made global news when they jumped from a container ship off the Queensland coast. As Holmes tries to elicit soundbites the laconic lasses display the style that made them Kiwi folk heroes.

 1974 Commonwealth Games - Graham May Face-plant

This original Minties moment from the 1974 Commonwealth Games sees Graham May face plant after passing out while holding a 187.5kg barbell over his head. May went on to win gold in the super heavyweight division, and weightlifting gained a local profile due to his and the NZ team's success.

 Loose Enz - The Venus Touch

In this infamous Loose Enz edition a sexologist (Grant Tilly) sees an eccentric patient (Bruno Lawrence) who claims to have a magic touch with women. The farce gained notoriety for high-profile newsreader Angela D'Audney (as the doctor's wife) going topless, then into a turquoise catsuit.

 Town and Around: Turkeys In Gumboots

In 1968 Kiwi TV showed it could do sly as well as it could show sheep-shearing, when reporter Erin Sinclair visited a farmer whose turkeys were shod in gumboots. The legendary hoax allegedly fooled two Skellerup executives who flew to Whanganui to secure a contract to manufacture the boots' lining.

 Country Calendar - Spoofs Special

Ask Country Calendar viewers which shows they remember and inevitably the answer is "the spoofs" — satirical episodes that screened unannounced. Celebrate the wool pulling in this compilation special: from the original fence-plucking farmer to the radio-controlled dog and more malarkey besides.

 Eating Media Lunch - Best Of (Episode)

In this 2006 'worst of' special of the long-running satire series, po-faced presenter Jeremy Wells revisits the moment when the horrifying 'truth' behind the demise of celebrity merino Shrek was revealed. Al-Qaeda blooper reels and NZ's first indigenous porno flick are also seen (NSFW). 

 Havoc and Newsboy's Sell-Out Tour - Gay Man's Rock

Irreverent 90s youth show hosts Mikey Havoc and Jeremy ‘Newsboy’ Wells notoriously outed Gore as the “gay capital of New Zealand” in this edition of their hit Kiwi tiki tour series. While many viewers had a laugh at the Auckland duo’s lampooning of small town conservatism, the mayor was not amused.

 3:45 LIVE! - Interview Compilation

Before he became world-famous as host of Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan was a presenter on this TV2 kids show, in tandem with Hine Elder. In excerpts here, the pair interview newsworthy local and global celebs of the time, including rap singer Redhead Kingpin (third clip), who is … off-the-wall.

 One Network News - Protest (2 January 1995)

Television news becomes the news in this brief report from TVNZ. Newsreader Tom Bradley explains why the beginning of that night's six o'clock bulletin was delayed for 10 minutes. Earlier a small group of Māori protesters occupied the Auckland studio, before being escorted from the set by police.

 The Miss New Zealand Show 1984

The early 80s were the apex of the local beauty pageant. This 1984 Miss World New Zealand was legendary for host Peter Sinclair announcing the wrong winner. Miss Auckland Barbara McDowell’s runner up sash is swiftly swapped for a crown and she is (eventually) made the first part-Samoan Miss NZ.

"Naturally complaints flowed in."

Paul Casserly muses on the moments, including his own contribution: the 'truth' behind the fate of celebrity merino Shrek. Read more ›

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