When Duncan Garner began co-presenting TV3's 3rd Degree in 2013, he already had 17 years in television behind him, much of it in the press gallery. Garner began at TVNZ as a political reporter in the mid 90s, after studying Communications at AUT. After reporting on Holmes he joined TV3 in 2003. Four years later he became TV3's political editor, and was judged Qantas TV Journalist of the Year. Garner now co-presents Story.

He says there's pretty much no difference between him on the telly and off, that what you see is what you get, and that's about right. Writer Michele Hewitson on Duncan Garner – The NZ Herald, 3 April 2010
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2015 - ongoing, Presenter

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3rd Degree / 3D

2013 - 2015, Presenter

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3rd Degree presents The Vote

2013, Subject

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The Nation

2010 - 2011, Presenter

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2003 - 2012, Reporter - Television

TV3's late night news show was devised in 1990 to provide a mix of credible news and entertainment. Once the serious news of the day was dispensed with, the brief was that the show could be a bit "off" with few rules - and the freedom to push boundaries. That's exactly what presenters like Belinda Todd, Bill Ralston, Dylan Taite and David Farrier proceeded to do in the show's often infamous "third break". Meanwhile, newsreaders including Joanna Paul, Janet Wilson, Leanne Malcolm and Carolyn Robinson did their best to keep a straight face. "Yo Nightliners!"

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3 News

2003 - 2012, Reporter - Television

Originally 3 National News, the show kicked off in November 1989 with the launch of independent channel TV3. The flagship 6pm bulletin's first anchor was former TVNZ news man Philip Sherry with Greg Clarke filling the sports news chair. Sherry was replaced by Joanna Paul followed by another former TVNZ anchor, John Hawkesby. A 1998 revamp saw Carol Hirschfeld and John Campbell take up the new duel anchor roles. Their move to the current affairs show Campbell Live in 2005 ushered in the current duo, Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts.

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2000 - 2002, Reporter - Television

Holmes was a long-running current affairs programme that followed the news each weeknight on TV ONE. Presented by veteran broadcaster Paul Holmes, the show was as famous for his showmanship as it was for examining the issues of the day. Holmes interviewed the day's newsmakers; often championing the underdog 'kiwi battler'. In 2004 Paul Holmes defected from TVNZ to Prime TV to set up a rival 7pm current affairs programme, Paul Holmes. That lasted a few months before being axed (due to low ratings).

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TV One News

1995 - 1999, Reporter - Television

In 1975 TV One launched with a flagship 6.30 news bulletin which went largely unchanged with the move to TVNZ in 1980. In a 1987 revamp, it became the Network News with dual newsreaders Judy Bailey and Neil Billington (replaced by Richard Long). In 1988, the half hour programme moved to 6pm. With the advent of TV3 in late 1989, it was rebranded One Network News; and, from 1995, extended to an hour. The ill-fated replacing of Long with John Hawkesby in 1999 saw it make headlines rather than report them. In 1999, there was another name change to One News.