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  1. A segment from the 30 June 1988 edition of the 6.30PM News


In 1988 Entertainment This Week’s host Leeza Gibbons and Coronation Street’s Christopher Quinten found love while taking part in a New Zealand Telethon. The pair starred in two of New Zealand’s favourite TV shows and the sight of them falling for each other live in the Christchurch studios was the talk of the country; viewers — like the couple — were literally agape. This 6.30PM News segment re-caps the romance and follows the duo to Arrowtown for a winter stroll. A year later they were married, but by 1991 it was all over. Warning: includes a deep pash.

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 Mark Price

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 Richelle Page

Richelle Page

Pity they are no longer together but they certainly made waves here in Kiwiland... Wish we still had Telethon, it was a great thing to watch as a kid, especially when all that money started to treacle in :-)



Leeza is so gorgeous hes such a lucky guy to be able to kiss leezas soft lovely lips



Yep, can remember this like it was yesterday!


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Leeza Gibbons says she and Christopher Quinten met for the first time when they came to New Zealand as guests for Telethon. 
A local wag in an Arrowtown pub says he didn’t quite have the courage to ask about Sylvester Stallone, linked with Miss Gibbons before she left the States to come here. Just as well, perhaps, considering the Coronation Street actor’s Rambo-like build.