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In this 70-minute documentary children's author Margaret Mahy is interviewed at her Governors Bay home by friend and fellow author Elizabeth Knox. Knox is aided and abetted by Mahy's beloved storybook characters who put her on the spot about their origins. In this excerpt the famous lion from A Lion in the Meadow thanks her for making him yellow, and Mahy talks about eating porridge thrice a day as a young solo mum. Yvonne Mackay directed this seamless mix of real life and Euan Frizzell-created animation. The doco screened as part of TV ONE's NZ Festival series.


A perspective on A Tall, Long Faced Tale by Mary-Jane Duffy 14.08.2008

At the beginning of this documentary, novelist Elizabeth Knox asks Margaret Mahy how she would describe herself. Mahy replies: "A tall, long faced tale." Her fantastical response sets the tone for ...

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Credits (13)

 Yvonne Mackay
 Elizabeth Knox

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Does anyone know what the story is called that the body painter actress acts out??


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Three meals of porridge a day is nutritious, just not very interesting. 
It's a shame if the Mother never ever made up a story again, because stories are good to make up and it would be a pity to stop that ... so I think she changed that [the original ending to Lion in the Meadow] for the better. 
I still think the first ending is the 'true' ending to the story.