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Series Synopsis

This quirky, upbeat comedy-drama looked at teen life through the eyes of 15-year-old Eve (Fleur Saville). Something of an amateur teen anthropologist, Eve questions everything in her world, musing on life to the camera and in voiceover. The series' fresh, self-aware style appealed directly to media-savvy teenagers. The TV3 series launched Saville's TV career, fostered young directing and producing talent, won many awards (including Best Drama Series at the 2002 NZ TV Awards) and sold to over 40 territories, screening in the US on Nickelodeon.


Series Notes

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2005 New Zealand Screen Awards
Best Children's Programme
Contribution to a Soundtrack: Carl Smith and Travis Hefferen

Nominated for Best Original Music (Victoria Kelly and Joost Langveld) and Design (Zane Holmes, Andrew Shanks and Alistair Grawford)

2002 TV Guide New Zealand Television Awards
Best Drama Series or Serial
Contribution to a Soundtrack: Carl Smith
Contribution to Design: Zane Holmes

Nominated for Best Script and Best Original Music (Joost Langeveld and Victoria Kelly)