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City Life

Television, 1996 - 1998 (Drama, Series)

 City Life

Series Synopsis

City Life follows a tight-knit group of apartment-dwelling twenty-somethings (lawyers, bartenders, drug dealers, art dealers, et al) on the emotional merry-go-round of urban living. Created by James Griffin, the television series was an effort to create popular drama relevant to contemporary Auckland city life and to appeal to a Gen X demographic – to inject Melrose Place into Mt Eden. A bevy of Kiwi acting talent drink, dramatise and prevaricate to a soundtrack of contemporary NZ pop.

Title list

City Life - Episode One


City Life




Series Notes

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1997 TV Guide Television Awards
Video Distributors Limited Best Drama Programme, Episode 1
Best Actor, Episode 1 (Oliver Driver)

1998 TV Guide Television Awards
Best Supporting Actor, Episode 14 (Greg Johnson)