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  1. An extended excerpt from an interview with John Pilger on Face to Face with Kim Hill.


"You waste my time because you have not prepared for this interview. This interview frankly is a disgrace." This is an excerpt from Kim Hill's infamous 2003 interview with John Pilger, award-winning journalist, author and documentary-maker. Via satellite link from Sydney, Pilger discusses Middle East politics. He says what he would do about Saddam Hussein, and what he thinks about sanctions against Iraq. An angry Pilger says Hill is not asking informed questions. Hill pushes Pilger's book across the desk. Pilger implores Hill to: "Just read. Read. It takes time."

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 Norman Sievewright
 Maryanne Ahern
 Kim Hill

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Kim Hill got taken to school on that one and history has proven Pilger absolutely correct.

 Tim Jones

Tim Jones

Pilger's predictions/comments have certainly proved accurate. He maintained dignity amidst Hill's strangely caustic and disrespectful questioning.

 Robyn Williams

Robyn Williams

I watched this in 2003 completely aghast - like a train wreck. They are both respected journalists for goodness sake but Hill was abrasive and embarrassing and that interview affected any respect I might have had for her before it. It was a clash of egos - Hill needs to pull her head in more.



Thanks for posting the mid/end part of the original interview...When I watched Face to Face and saw how Kim conducted this interview I was astounded. She began it by treating John Pilger with contempt and he was correct in saying that she was ill prepared for this interview. I wrote to TVNZ directly after the programme aired and expressed my disappointment in the way Kim had conducted this interview. All respect to John Pilger for containing his displeasure at Kim's disrespectful handling of the interview from the very first. I never watched Face to Face again after this episode. I found the whole experience embarrassing!



It's amazing how accurate Pilger has proven to be. Kim Hill... gee what can you say. How disrespectful and unnecessarily combative to one of the greatest journos of our time.

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You waste my time because you have not prepared for this interview. This interview frankly is a disgrace. 
Just read. Read. It takes time.