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  1. An extended excerpt from an interview with John Pilger on Face to Face with Kim Hill.


"You waste my time because you have not prepared for this interview. This interview frankly is a disgrace." This is an excerpt from Kim Hill's infamous 2003 interview with John Pilger, award-winning journalist, author and documentary-maker. Via satellite link from Sydney, Pilger discusses Middle East politics. He says what he would do about Saddam Hussein, and what he thinks about sanctions against Iraq. An angry Pilger says Hill is not asking informed questions. Hill pushes Pilger's book across the desk. Pilger implores Hill to: "Just read. Read. It takes time."

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 Norman Sievewright
 Maryanne Ahern
 Kim Hill

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Thanks for keeping this wonderful piece of history!



Taking into account the many years of selfless effort John Pilger has expended into making us aware of the plights of those less fortunate I would have been a lot more humble were I Kim Hill.
There's good reason the 1st half of the interview isn't here,Hill was shot to ribbons in front of the world,and good bloody job too.
A bad haircut & facetious sarcasm do not compensate for an unprepared interview of one of the worlds best journalists.
Upside of it is I've been a regular fan of John Pilger ever since this embarrassing encounter.

 Rob D

Rob D

I remember the interview, and this short is a good reflection of it. For what little it's worth, and in my opinion, Hill was unnecessarily combative and petulant. While Pilger was wrong to accuse her of having not prepared well enough, she took petty swipes and launched verbal barbs, and came off looking worse for it.

 Jennifer McKewen

Jennifer McKewen

I remember watching this first time around and cringing. Just as i did now. I'd love to know why Kim launched in guns ablazing. I enjoy and respect Kim, so presume she had very good reasons?...just would love to know what and why?

 NZ Steve

NZ Steve

I remember seeing this at the time. I have to agree with Michael Smith, John Pilger did seem to come into this interview with his back up. My guess was that he was given (by whoever) the impression that Hill was going to be a difficult character to deal with.

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You waste my time because you have not prepared for this interview. This interview frankly is a disgrace. 
Just read. Read. It takes time.