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This simple but very effectively choreographed clip is one of the few pieces of music footage shot for 70s rock show The Grunt Machine that is extant in the archive. The extended instrumental intro allows Phil Judd nearly two minutes of pacing and hovering in the Avalon Studio shadows before he confronts the camera at his malevolent best. The soon to depart Wally Wilkinson is on guitar; time in Australia has cemented the band's stage personas, Noel Crombie's black and white costumes are a visual treat, and the result is a perfect document of Mental Notes-era Enz.

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 Michael Guest

Michael Guest

Amazing.. I was a pretty new cameraman and was lucky to be on a camera that day in the studio. They were so organised and knew what they wanted to achieve.. Very rare for bands in those days.
Bumped into Andy the host of the grunt machine a few times over the following years in Sydney. Great memories and good to see some footage has survived.

 iain Eggleton

iain Eggleton

I vivdly remeber this. They came into Studio 8 Avalon to do 3 tracks. This was the first recording we did that day. Phil Judd said he wanted to just walk around the studio (my shot) and get to the band when the vocals hit. Other tracks that day were Amy, Under the wheel. Went to their concert that night in the Welly Town hall... extraordinary.

 Doug Coutts

Doug Coutts

Ah, the perils of miming to playback... 1.09 - drummer doesn't make it to drum kit in time, but has good grace to look embarrassed.

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