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Hairy Maclary is a 10-part series adapted from the beloved children's books by Lynley Dodd. The Euan Frizzell-animated series follows the titular dog on his Kiwi neighbourhood forays. Opening with the theme tune familiar to families worldwide, this is Hairy's first adventure, introducing his mates — Schnitzel von Krumm, Bottomley Potts and Muffin McClay — and his tomcat tormenter ... Scarface Claw! Actor Miranda Harcourt narrates, capturing the rhythms of Dodd's prose that have seen the stories sell millions of copies since being first published in 1983.

Credits (5)

 Euan Frizzell
 Shaun Bell
 Lynley Dodd

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Comments (3)

 Kelvin Reynolds

Kelvin Reynolds

I need the rest of the series, my son is going nuts over this!

 clare oleary

clare oleary | website

I love this and now with a new generation of readers in my family - great neices ! it's lovely to see them read the book then see this beautiful animation as the characters come to life...gorgeous

 Cathy Saul

Cathy Saul

What a discovery! So true to the wonderful stories and my children were enchanted to see their favourite characters brought to life- thank you xx

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