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Hokonui Todd is a portrait of African statesman Sir Garfield Todd (1908 - 2002). Todd was an outspoken supporter of black right to self determination in Rhodesia (which became Zimbabwe in 1980, after a bloody civil war). Here Todd and wife Gracie reflect on their lives: from their "egalitarian" New Zealand upbringing; their arrival in Rhodesia as missionary farmers; Todd's time as Prime Minister; being imprisoned by Ian Smith's racist white regime (along with daughter Judith); to emerging as a "conscience of the country" burdened with postcolonial troubles.

Credits (7)

 Richard Driver
 Alison Langdon
 Ken Saville

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Comments (4)

 Andrew watson

Andrew watson

I am the grandson of alycen watson his daughter and I am very proud of what he and his wife did . Just a shame that I never had the chance to meet them before they passed away .

 Vimbai Z. Mushongera

Vimbai Z. Mushongera

In my childhood , I was happy to sit and listen to the old man 's words of wisdom. He taught me to appreciate nature and have a big heart for everyone. He was a true statesman and a freedom fighter who new the true meaning of freedom - freedom of the mind and heart embedded on values and ethics and fear of God

 Margaret Munro

Margaret Munro

Great to see this - I have the original video given to me but cannot play it as don't have a video player now. Garfield was my mother's cousin and is part of our history, sadly neither are here in this world. They grew up together in Invercargill and my mother has written about their lives there - so interesting in those days.

 John Galt

John Galt

My father, who grew up in Hokonui, used to speak of the times when he "shared a bed with Gar Todd!" My understanding was that Gar, as a young chap, used to spend holidays at their place and, Dad being one of seven children, I suppose that available bed space was at a premium. Apparently Gar named his Rhodesian Ranch "Hokonui" because of the fond memories he had of these holiday visits.

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 Visionary Film and TV


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