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This classic kids’ adventure series follows a 13-year-old boy on a quest to find his father, missing amidst the heady 1860s Otago gold rush. Under the reins of producer John McRae, it brandished unprecedented production values, and panned the Central Otago vistas for all their worth. Its huge local popularity was matched abroad (BBC screened it primetime); it showed that NZ-made kids’ drama could be successfully exported. This first episode sees plucky Scott Hunter (Andrew Hawthorn) steal away to Tucker’s Valley, spurred on by his doubting uncle.

Credits (23)

 Tom Parkinson
 John McRae
 Roger Simpson

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Comments (7)

 Martin Smith

Martin Smith

Finally, we now have this released on DVD and what a pleasure it is to relive the full story again. Watched it as a kid, but never knew just how good this actually was. Simple yet brilliant story, great characters and O'Halloran the policeman was just brilliantly done by Gabriel Prendergast.
Was the music a special arrangement for the series or is it from anywhere special? Great tune to accompany the series and remember the first bars playing and sitting down after school to watch this.
Great stuff TVNZ for finally giving us this DVD release and well worth the purchase!
Hunted around for so long to find this treasure and now have struck Gold.

 Adel Kiani

Adel Kiani

I used to follow "Children of Fire Mountain " in IRAN back in 87 and as a kid I really enjoyed NZ`s Victorian History and Maoris . I think this TV Series has same Taste of Children of ... never seen it before but reaaaaally like. thanks for upload. I beg to ULoad another episodes.

Hope to NZealand win in 1st Cricket Test against England

 Geoffrey Tompsett

Geoffrey Tompsett

TVNZ is finally releasing this on 20th March!
Yippee - add to cart!

 Craig hutchison

Craig hutchison

Great to be able to track this down and view it
I was the assistant floor manager(second assistant director) and it certainly led the way for tv drama here in new Zealand

 Gerry Robinson

Gerry Robinson

Truly one of the Greatest Kids Adventure series of ALL Time, made with a simple yet warm Honesty that hold, entrances and thoroughly entertains from start to finish !!! An Incredible Series that Should have been the 1st TVNZ series out on DVD!

It is a remarkable well-acted series, groundbreaking and a fitting Tribute to ALL involved. let's get it out there, in the wide World, so TVNZ's wonderful artistry and programming can be truly appreciated worldwide and leave a Legacy the World can enjoy Forever!!!

Magnificent Viewing!!!!!!

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Produced by

 South Pacific Television


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The goldfields is no place for a lad of your age - do you realise it would take a grown man three weeks to get there? [...] No, Scott you can’t go to Tucker’s Gully! 
Perhaps he struck it rich? [...] Cor I’d give me right arm to be with him out there ... free as a bird, accountable to no one, always a chance of stumbling upon a fortune.