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Series Synopsis

This classic kids’ adventure tale follows a 13-year-old boy on a quest to find his father, missing amidst the heady 1860s Otago gold rush. When it launched in September 1976 the 13-part series was the most expensive local TV drama yet made. Under the reins of producer John McRae, it brandished unprecedented production values, and panned the Central Otago vistas for all their worth. Its huge local popularity was matched abroad (BBC screened it primetime); it showed that NZ-made kids’ drama could be exported, and helped establish SPTV (later renamed TV2).


Series Notes

This is the series overview page, here you can find which episodes or clips are available on NZ On Screen.


Produced by

 South Pacific Television


1981 Feltex Awards
Stan Hosgood Award for Allied Craft: Logan Brewer (for his work on Hunter's Gold, Gather Your Dreams, Children of Fire Mountain, and I Pagliacci)

Nominated for Best Drama Programme