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It's in the Bag was a travelling television quiz show, fronted by Selwyn Toogood. Competitors were selected from the audience and had to answer three questions before they could select a bag and bargain for its contents. Toogood's catchphrases, such as, "by hokey!" and, "what'll it be customers, the money or the bag?", have become part of folklore. This 1st June, 1974 episode was telecast from Dunedin's Mayfair Theatre; a Frigidaire ("jet-o-matic") Home Laundry and Pye hi-fi system are on offer amongst the booby prizes. Heather Eggleton is the glam bag lady.

Credits (3)

 Terry Bryan
 Selwyn Toogood

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 sandra montgomery

sandra montgomery

my daughter who was about two and a half was pictured as the credits were going up at the end of the show, it was in the regent theatre, a final show. she is 33 this year! don't know whether it was a one of or not -would've been about 83 or 84 ?



This show has good memories to me..i still remember Selwyn Toogood after 40 pr so years ! Love those expensive high end prizes up for back when a house cost around $35,000 so a $750 stereo was like $7000 now !

 ross leonard sayer

ross leonard sayer

Its in The Bag - originally based on a radio and tv series in Australia hosted by Bob and his wife Dolly Dyer that show was Pick a Box - Selwyn
Toogood though about that show and so on 1-januay-1954 it began on radio for 11 years although the NFU film the radio version and later on it finally appeared on TV in 1973 and on that first night Anne Mc Millan won a colour tv I think it was a Pye Ultimate. it went off air in 1979 return for 1 off special 1985 and return for another few years with John Hawkesby and Hilary Timmins then in 1992 return with Nich Tangsley and Suzy Aitken. One episode was film in Whakatane in february-1979.

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@John: we don't have the resources to clear and upload every episode of It's in the Bag. If you want to re-watch the episode you were in you could try contacting TVNZ Archives and see if it still remains on tape. Good luck!

 John D'Ornay

John D'Ornay

I was a contestant in New Plymouth in 1986 and was wondering when the replay was going to air. John Hawkesbury was the compare

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What'll it be customers, the money or the bag? 
By Hokey!