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Peter Jackson's love affair with moviemaking and special effects was ignited by seeing the original King Kong (1933) as a child. Jackson's Kiwi-shot remake takes one of cinema's most iconic monster movies, retains the 30s setting and iconic New York finale, and toughens up the "beauty" (Naomi Watts). The film also transforms the male (non-ape) lead from lunkhead to playwright. Exhilarating, Oscar-winning CGI and motion capture bring the great ape to life, alongside rampaging dinosaurs and giant weta inexplicably absent from the maligned 1976 remake.

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 Peter Jackson
 Carolynne Cunningham
 Fran Walsh

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 Dave Knipper

Dave Knipper

OK, I haven't seen the 1933 version of King Kong, but this quite impressed me. The beginning is a little slow but and a bit ironic the way things fit together, but many films do this. :)

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Miss Darrow, please! I'm offering you money. Adventure, fame, the thrill of a lifetime, and a long sea voyage.  
Nervous? No. Should I be? 
This new Kong Kong is a folie de grandeur with real grandeur; in its power, its spectacle, and its spine-tinglingly beautiful vision of 1930s New York, it is a thing of wonder. It certainly equals, and even exceeds, anything Jackson did in Lord of the Rings. 


2006 Academy Awards 
Visual Effects: Richard Taylor, Christian Rivers, Joe Letteri, and Brian Van't Hul
Sound Editing: Mike Hopkins, Ethan Van der Ryn
Sound Mixing: Mike Hedges, Hammond Peek, Christopher Boyes, and Michael Semanick
Nominated for Art Direction: Grant Major, Dan Hennah, and Simon Bright

2006 Bafta Awards
Special Visual Effects: Richard Taylor, Christian Rivers, Joe Letteri, and Brian Van't Hul
Nominated for Production Design (Grant Major) and Sound (Mike Hopkins, Hammond Peek, Christopher Boyes, Ethan Van der Ryn)

2006 Golden Globes
Nominated for Best Director - Motion Picture: Peter Jackson
Nominated for Best Original Score - Motion Picture: James Newton Howard

2006 American Society of Cinematographers Awards
Nominated for ASC Award for Outstanding Cinematography - Theatrical: Andrew Lesnie

2005 National Board of Review (United States)
Special Achievement Award - for Special Effects