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Marlin Bay

Television, 1992 - 1994 (Drama, Series)

 Marlin Bay

Series Synopsis

Marlin Bay was a drama series following the comings and goings of a far-north resort and casino. Andy Anderson, Ilona Rogers, Don Selwyn, Pete Smith, Katie Wolfe and others made up the cast of earthy locals, wealthy foreigners, and city weekenders. Created by writer Greg McGee, Marlin Bay was one of the first primetime drama series from South Pacific Pictures. Kevin Smith received a 1995 Best Supporting Actor nod for his role as villain Paul Cosic. 


Series Notes

This is the series overview page, here you can find which episodes or clips are available on NZ On Screen.



1993 GOFTA Award
Best Writer of Dramatic Script, for series opening episode "Players" (Greg McGee)

1995 New Zealand Film and Television Awards
Best Supporting Actress: Judy McIntosh
Supporting Actor: Kevin Smith

Nominated for Best Female in a Supporting Role (Katie Wolfe) and Script - Television (Judy Callingham)