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Mercy Peak

Television, 2001 - 2003 (Drama, Series)

 Mercy Peak

Series Synopsis

With its mix of quirky characters, lush scenery, and medical drama, Mercy Peak proved to be a winning formula. Produced by John Laing for South Pacific Pictures, and starring a host of NZ acting talent (Tim Balme, Jeffrey Thomas, Renato Bartolomei, et al), Mercy Peak follows the highs and lows of Dr Nicky Somerville (Sara Wiseman), who leaves the big city after discovering her partner’s infidelity. Taking up her new role at the hospital in the tiny town of Bassett, Nicky soon learns that life is full of complexities no matter the population.


Series Notes

This is the series overview page, here you can find which episodes or clips are available on NZ On Screen.



2005 New Zealand Screen Awards
Nominated for Best Drama Series, Script - Drama Series or Serial, Actress (Sara Wisemen) and Supporting Actor (Tim Balme)

2003 New Zealand TV Awards
Best Actor: Jeffrey Thomas
Supporting Actress: Alison Bruce

2002 TV Guide New Zealand Television Awards
Best Supporting Actress: Alison Bruce
Supporting Actor: Tim Balme
Script - Drama Series: Gavin Strawhan

Nominated for Best Drama Series or Serial, Director - Drama, Actress (Sara Wiseman), Actor (Jeffrey Thomas), Supporting Actress (Jan Fisher), Editing - Drama (Allanah Milne), Original Music (Joel Haines), Contribution to a Soundtrack (Travis Hefferen) and Production Design (Brett Schwieters)