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  1. A collection of Nice One Stu segments from this programme.


After-school show Nice One was a popular classic of NZ childrens television, with the show's signature theme tune ("Nice one Stu-y!") and Stu's thumbs-up salute, totemic for kids of the 70s. Host Stu Dennison played a cheeky, pony-tailed schoolboy who delighted children and infuriated adults with his irreverent antics. But Dennison developed the persona in short live segments for Ready to Roll (shot live at Avalon Studios, excerpted here). Prototype Stu is seen being a truant, reciting rude poetry, singing 10cc and ribbing Roger Gascoigne and 70s metrosexuals. 




A background by Annie Simon 10.09.2008

Nice One was a children's after school show that became a vehicle for presenter Stu Dennison's persona - Nice One Stu. Famous for its naughty jokes and pokes at authority, Nice One also featured ...

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The clips are actually from Ready to Roll which preceeded Nice, how unPC we were able to be back then!!!


 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi Bruce,
Sorry, we aren't able to offer this title's theme song/music for download. It's not permitted under the licensed rights for this title, and the NZ On Screen website does not offer downloading.

 Bruce Richards

Bruce Richards

Can you please put up the theme song and music for us to down load?

 gale pao toleafoa

gale pao toleafoa

omg loved this when i was young we all watch stu ... hahahahaha, awesome memories

 Mervyn hunt

Mervyn hunt

Great memories ........

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I love Roger Gascoinge! 
Sorry sir, can't stop now ... Ready to Roll is on!