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Praise Be - Series 11, Episode 13 Television – 1996 Music

Praise Be - Series 11, Episode 13

Television – 1996 Music

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This episode of the long-running religious programme focuses on Auckland's Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. It features hymns from the Holy Trinity Choir and Auckland Choral Federation. The Graeme Thomson-hosted show also discusses the history and architecture of the cathedral following the completion of its nave in 1995. Built on land bought by Bishop Selwyn in 1859, the completed cathedral reflects the undulating landscape of Auckland, combining Gothic and Polynesian elements.

Key Cast & Crew

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Ron Pledger


Profile.jpg.120x120 4559722d43a7e6983ef108e03151f845ffdb918cbbea3502d89caa3fdd29d89d

Bruce Paterson

Technical Producer

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Toni Ringrose

Production Manager

The chancel in Holy Trinity is the home of the cathedral choir. And this is where, Sunday by Sunday, the choir sings its praises, adding richness and harmony and majesty to the events and services in the cathedral.
– Graeme Thomson