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  1. The Newmatics


This song is from New Zealand’s troubled winter of 1981. The Springbok Tour gave the term “riot squad” currency throughout the country — but the Auckland live music scene and the police were already enduring a very fraught relationship. This number from Auckland ska/soul band The Newmatics, released on the band’s Broadcast OR double 7" EP, was actually written about a 1980 police raid on XS Cafe in Airedale Street. The Keystone Cops music video is classic early 80s TVNZ Avalon and features actors Ross Jolly and Michael Wilson as two thirds of the 'blue shadow'.

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 Martin Henley

Martin Henley

A very, VERY underrated band. Grab their CD compilation a.s.a.p! THANK-YOU!!!



Awesome awesome awesome Always been a favourite tune

 dylan weaver

dylan weaver

i love this band even know i wasn't alive when they were together.


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