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Roseworld '71 Short Film (Full Length) – 1972 Documentary

Roseworld '71

Short Film (Full Length) – 1972 Documentary

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In November 1971 more than 70,000 visitors converged on Hamilton over six days for the first ever World Rose Convention. What's in a name? Well it can help you locate favourite flowers in the vast exhibition, but "form, substance and freshness" rule as this NFU short film shows the meticulous preparation, judging and reactions. Side-trips for international visitors to Paradise Valley and Rotorua's thermal areas add a travelogue element. But from the opening time-lapse shot of a blooming rose it's clear what these 'rosarians' are there for.

No mechanical aids are permitted when the blooms are shown, but beforehand, the exhibitor is allowed to help his roses along a bit. He can adjust the petals for better effect, but he better not be caught removing any.
– Narrator