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Spot On

Television, 1974 - 1989 (Children, Series)

 Spot On

Series Synopsis

Spot On was an award-winning education-focused magazine programme for children. Presenters who got their break on the popular series include Ian Taylor, Danny Watson, Phil Keoghan and Ole Maiava. Keoghan went on to international fame as host of The Amazing Race; Taylor now heads up Taylormade Productions and Animation Research Ltd. Janine Morrell directed on the show, and producer Michael Stedman later became head of the Natural History Unit. Peter Jackson, Robert Sarkies and Paul Middleditch all entered the show’s annual ‘Young Filmmaker’ competition.


Series Notes

This is the series overview page, here you can find which episodes or clips are available on NZ On Screen.


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1979 New Zealand Feltex Awards
Best Speciality

1980 New Zealand Feltex Awards
Best Children's

1988 Listener Film and Television Awards
Children's Programme