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  1. Part one of two from this full length documentary.

  2. Part two of two from this full length documentary.


Opening with an image of Orpheus floating on the water, this inspired doco climaxes with a contender for NZ's most eyeopening montage yet. Loaded with examples of the infinite ways the human voice can make music, the film sees host Julian Waring introducing choirs, opera, balladeers and protest singers. Along the way Michael Heath recreates a performance by Florence Foster Jenkins, a worryingly close cousin of Asian-New Zealand songbird Wing. The mash-up finale uses 2000 photographs to summarise two decades of music, in a scene that must have blown minds in the suburbs. 


On Making The Unbelievable Glory of the Human Voice by Tony Williams 12.11.2010

Julian Waring, a friend, was passionate about singing. We collaborated to make The Unbelievable Glory of the Human Voice. Julian Wrote and presented the film. For the ‘If I Loved You’ song we got together as many singers as we ...

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Credits (13)

 Tony Williams
 John O'Shea
 Julian Waring

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 Craig McLeod

Craig McLeod

What a blast to see all these wonderful old movies. Those were the days!

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Opera nearly always deals with primitive passions - revenge, jealousy, murder, rampaging sexuality, lust. In fact someone once said that if a martian were to land on earth he’d get a better idea of human conduct through visiting the Italian opera than from almost anything else.