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  1. Part one of two from this full length documentary.

  2. Part two of two from this full length documentary.


This National Film Unit-made documentary records the 18-month-long building process of a waka taua (war canoe): from the felling of the trees — opening with an awe-inspiring shot of the giant totara selected by master carver Piri Poutapu — to the ceremonial launch. The waka was commissioned by Māori Queen, Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu, and built at Turangawaewae Marae. The Harry Dansey-narrated film was significant in showing the currency of the canoe-building kaupapa alongside the everyday lives (at the freezing works, the pub) of the builders.

Credits (8)

 Harry Dansey
 David Sims
 David H Fowler

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Comments (2)

 whirotangi poutapu

whirotangi poutapu

Thank you for providing this, I never thought Id be able to watch it on my couch at home! seeing all the old faces and knowing that all but a few have since passed on brings tears to my eyes and laughter at the same time. nga mihi nui

 Melinda Pryor

Melinda Pryor

Thank you so much for this. My Papa, Dick Green is on here, he was one of the carvers. Such a wonderful documentary and something I can share with my son. How can I get this documentary?


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 The Matariki Collection


To learn is to respect, to participate in a heritage. So let us take this canoe as a symbol of collective spirit. 
Probably the first National Film Unit film to pass beyond the Integration Myth and begin an overt dichotomizing of Māori and Pākehā cultures. 
That sense of belonging, when your ancestors are present, and being proud of a civilisation which for the Māori leads back beyond the great ocean migration from Hawaiiki and beyond.