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The Lovely Bones Film (Trailer) – 2009 Fantasy Drama

The Lovely Bones

Film (Trailer) – 2009 Fantasy Drama

M Mature
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Scriptwriter Philippa Boyens has described Alice Sebold's bestselling book The Lovely Bones as "brutal, surprising, gorgeous". A tale of murder and how the victim's family and friends deal with it, the story is told from the perspective of the victim — 14-year-old Susie Salmon. For the adaptation Peter Jackson and his Weta FX team engaged in more Heavenly world-building, rendering an afterlife for Susie that "alters and shifts" with her mood. Time praised the film's "gravity and grace", plus Saoirse Ronan's BAFTA-nominated performance as Susie.

Key Cast & Crew

Profile.jpg.120x120 4559722d43a7e6983ef108e03151f845ffdb918cbbea3502d89caa3fdd29d89d

Aimee Peyronnet


Profile.jpg.120x120 4559722d43a7e6983ef108e03151f845ffdb918cbbea3502d89caa3fdd29d89d

Carolynne Cunningham

Producer, 1st Assistant Director

Peter jackson jey profile.jpg.180x180

Peter Jackson

Producer, Writer, Director

Through Jackson's art and Ronan's magic, the obscenity of child murder has been invested with immense gravity and grace. Like the story of Susie's life after death, that's a miracle.
– Richard Corliss in Time Magazine, 7 December 2009

Produced by

Wingnut films

WingNut Films


Originally released in New Zealand cinemas 26 December 2009. Available on DVD.



Original music composed by Brian Eno

Soundtrack includes instrumental tracks The Killing Pit and Dark Siren, composed by Plan 9 and David Long. Other additional music composed by Victoria Kelly, Stephen Gallagher, Nigel Scott and Chris Winter.